Our Services


We help artists
develop their projects
  • We provide dramaturgical and directorial assistance
  • We help arrange collaborations with other artists and specialists
  • We provide assistance with set design, sound and lighting
  • We cover the costs of travel and transport
  • We provide a working space
  • We provide accomodation and per diems


We help artists
produce their productions
  • We provide fees
  • We provide materials
  • We give artistic and technical assistance
  • We provide working space (two black boxes, workshop etc.)
  • We provide a first night
  • We offer a focused work atmosphere in the middle of the Lofoten islands, Norway


We help artists
reach an audience
  • We arrange a tour in Nordland County, Norway
  • We provide public relations
  • We provide transport by car
  • We provide technical equipment
  • We help connect their project to other producers